Webinar Alert: MEOSAR: Next Generation Search and Rescue – What’s New

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We are just a few years away from a significant leap forward in satellite-based search and rescue. And with this leap, the industry as we now it will see dramatic improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency with which lives are saved. Join us as we look into the future in our upcoming webinar “MEOSAR: Next Generation Search and Rescue – What’s New”, the latest installment in our McMurdo Group Search and Rescue webinar series.

On Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 at 8:00am PST, world-renowned MEOSAR (medium earth orbit search and rescue) expert Mr. Jerry Nardi, Senior Scientist at McMurdo Group, will provide an update on the latest news and developments in the global implementation of MEOSAR.  Explore MEOSAR’s rapid developmental impact on the existing Cospas-Sarsat Ecosystem, the expansive global coverage and increased satellite frequency, real-time beacon detection, positioning, accuracy & relay network, return-link signal capabilities, and all around elevated efficiency in ensuring the safety and security of our global communities.

In our 2014 Search and Rescue webinar series, we introduced the next generation MEOSAR satellite system and gave viewers a sneak peek of this groundbreaking technology. Missed the prequel?  Watch it here at http://bit.ly/MEOSAR2014.

With MEOSAR, the speed, reliability and efficiency in detecting and locating 406 MHz distress signals is heightened, benefiting the maritime, aviation and outdoor industries in critical emergencies. Moving beacons can be tracked with MEOSAR through the use of up to 72 satellites positioned at 20,000 km above the Earth’s surface, delivering a more precise location for rescue operations when a life raft is adrift at sea or an aircraft is experiencing an emergency in flight before a crash. Beyond the ability to simply transmit distress alerts, MEOSAR next generation beacons can incorporate features such as return link alert confirmation from rescue authorities, as well as remote beacon activation and false alert cancellation. Global implementation of MEOSAR continues to move forward, with some of the largest SAR authorities already announcing their commitment to building MEOSAR ground infrastructure. To learn more about one of the most recent announcements in MEOSAR’s global implementation, visit: http://bit.ly/MEOSARPK.

MEOSAR combines the best of existing LEOSAR & GEOSAR technology, while positively enhancing the impact of the Cospas-Sarsat system, which has helped facilitate over 37,000 rescues since 1982. McMurdo strives to consistently innovate and improve the lives of our search and rescue communities, and we are proud to be positive global leaders in this network. Through ever-growing collaboration and technology development, we aim to make the saving of future lives more accessible and reliable. We appreciate your active engagement in this web series and look forward to sharing this exciting MEOSAR update with you. Don’t miss out on this great event! Register here: http://bit.ly/MEOSAR2015.