McMurdo & the MEOSAR Network: Leading the Way for Revolutionary Search and Rescue Technology

Over the last four decades, we have seen the evolution of Search & Rescue (SAR) technology produce some of the most integral innovations in the saving of human lives. With a deep-rooted history of global collaboration and cooperation, the creation of new SAR systems has advanced satellite-driven SAR technologies by giant strides. Whether on land, in the air or on the water, these life-saving technologies are created with the same core mission in mind: to maximize accuracy, timeliness and reliability in the event of an emergency.

As global leaders at the forefront of this innovation, McMurdo has served as a prominent voice in the SAR community, always providing a comprehensive perspective in “What Comes Next” for end-to-end search and rescue solutions. From beacon to Rescue Center, our vision of positively improving the positioning, navigation, and timing of search and rescue aid in emergency situations has driven us to be pioneers in this life-saving industry. We at McMurdo believe that with inspiration comes innovation, and with innovation comes incredible results. Our latest innovation?—an advanced next generation satellite-based technology that is reinventing search and rescue: The MEOSAR Network. The network of SAR information extends from the satellites to the ground systems used for beacon signal processing, alert distribution and rescue coordination.

The McMurdo Group’s leadership in the MEOSAR ground infrastructure is advancing the vision and capabilities of this new revolutionary technology. MEOSAR stems from the LEOSAR and GEOSAR technology found within the existing, free-use Cospas-Sarsat SAR system. It operates as an extension of the vast MEOSAR constellation of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). This constellation is comprised of 3 major International SAR systems: U.S. SAR/GPS (Global Positioning System), European SAR/Galileo, and the Russian SAR/GLONASS. With this all-encompassing global reach at its fingertips, MEOSAR will notably impact the level of safety and security of our global communities in future search and rescue situations.

Top 5 Innovations of MEOSAR from all Cospas-Sarsat contributors:

1. Expanded network of satellite coverage and frequency, with 72+ global satellites 20,000 km above the Earth’s surface.

2. Immediate real-time beacon detection, GPS positioning, and signal relay network, with the ability to independently locate beacons and transmit distress signals within 100 meters, 95% of the time, and within 5 minutes.

3. Efficiency and redundancy in distress signal retrieval to satellite ground response stations/MEOLUT’s (MEOSAR Local User Terminals).

4. Return link alert signal capabilities providing direct confirmation from rescue authorities that help is on the way.

5. Remote beacon activation and false alert cancellation to ensure validity of emergency situation and avoid mismanagement of search and rescue resources and response teams.

Emerging innovations, like MEOSAR, are not only revolutionizing the way in which thousands of lives are being saved, but is reinforcing our McMurdo team’s commitment to driving innovation of our own. In owning various elements of the SAR ecosystem, we are continuously promoting the education and creation of new innovative SAR solutions, like MEOSAR, that can be adopted and implemented industry-wide. We are confident that MEOSAR will operate at the highest level of reliability, efficiency, and availability in ensuring both a smooth transition from the current LEOSAR/GEOSAR system and, at the same time, developing more and better technological improvements for saving lives.

Stay tuned with the McMurdo Group online for new updates, webinars, and blog posts on MEOSAR and other emerging technologies in Search and Rescue! Also, check out our MEOSAR Webinar for more discussion on this exciting innovation!