World's Most Trusted Name in Emergency Readiness & Response.

Orolia Maritime includes the commercial maritime and Emergency Readiness and Response (ERR) business initiatives within Orolia’s leading Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions.

Its technology, delivered through the globally recognized brands of McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad, is trusted by commercial shipping companies, local and national governments, maritime organizations, cruise ships, search and rescue teams, and other organizations whose missions include maritime and/or search and rescue programs.

Orolia Maritime includes an unrivalled portfolio of maritime and ERR technology solutions within four powerful mission areas: Fleet Management, Data Capture & Analytics, Emergency Readiness & Response, and Navigation Safety.

These mission areas reflect Orolia Maritime’s extensive heritage of proven maritime technology, including products and services designed to transform the commercial maritime and search and rescue industries. Our powerful technologies ensure safer and more reliable navigation, accelerated rescue in emergencies, and the ability to communicate and track fleet activity in a consistent, real time and cost-effective way.

Orolia Maritime – Supporting Safer Journeys

Trusted Marine Heritage

Orolia Maritime’s McMurdo products are part of a trusted marine safety brand pre-dating the IMO SOLAS requirements with the manufacture of radios in 1937. The McMurdo brand has been synonymous with quality, marine safety, technology innovation and the sea ever since.

Global Shore Based Maintenance Network (SBM)

Orolia Maritime’s unparalleled SBM network ensures our commercial customers have the confidence of a GDMSS and VDR product portfolio with the widest possible geographical coverage, combined with the most stringent training requirements.

Unparalleled GMDSS & VDR Experience

Orolia Maritime’s Kannad and McMurdo brand EPIRBs, SARTs, VHF radios and Navtecs have been at the heart of supporting the mandated GMDSS safety requirement since its full implementation in 1999 and have been a driving force in the adoption of AIS SART technology. While Orolia Maritime’s Netwave brand VDR’s are renowned for innovation and quality, in both the new build and retrofit commercial shipping markets.

Marine Electronics Innovators

Orolia Maritime’s brand portfolio is renowned for marine electronics innovation, having revolutionized marine safety with the development of the first compact Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and has continued to drive the adoption of lifesaving technology with the first AIS MOB device in 2012, the first AIS EPIRB in 2017 and the first Galileo PLB in 2018. That innovation continues with the latest in fleet management tracking and communications systems with Omnicom and the global leadership in providing resilient position, navigation and timing solutions to detect and mitigate threats to GNSS navigation signals.

Unique Ecosystem at the heart of MEOSAR

Orolia Maritime is the only distress beacon manufacturer that supports a complete end to end Search & Rescue Ecosystem, developing the distress beacon, the satellite connectivity infrastructure that delivers the signal, the communications monitoring software used by the Rescue Coordination Centers, and the emergency response communications used by Search and Rescue Teams. This unrivalled experience has placed Orolia Maritime at the forefront of the next generation of Cospas Sarsat – MEOSAR which will revolutionize the speed, accuracy and reliability of search and rescue electronics.

Sales Support in Over 130 Countries

Orolia Maritime’s commercial customers benefit from truly international sales support with representatives in over 130 countries, supported by UK, Dutch, US, and French maritime hubs.

Orolia Sales Offices

Quality Focused Product Development

Orolia Maritime’s in-house engineering and design team’s work ethic is based on a commitment to quality, reflected in our ISO 9001 and AS9100 accreditations and emphasis on the Five S systematic approach for productivity, quality and safety improvement.

Orolia’s Code of Ethics

At Orolia, we take our commitment to ethical conduct in our business pursuits, and in the way that we interact with our customers and employees, very seriously. We recognize that corporate responsibility and ethical behavior are critical to the success of our company.

Learn more about our corporate values and the Orolia Code of Ethics       French Version – Code D’ethique

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