Great relationships are built on trust.

For over 150 combined years, our relentless commitment to innovation has been and continues to be, fueled by a passion for helping people prepare for – and reliably respond to – emergency situations.

We honor our legacy of best-in-class products, technologies, and services that have helped save over 37,000 lives since 1982. Our reputation is fortified by the thousands of customers and partners worldwide who rely on us to deliver solutions that prevent emergencies, protect assets and save lives. And, our expertise is perpetually validated by industry authorities who trust us to define, influence and implement standards and regulations.


We offer the world’s only complete, end-to-end emergency readiness and response platform – from distress beacons to search and rescue infrastructure, to mission control and rescue coordination centers to maritime domain awareness.


We will uphold our promise by continuing to develop life-saving solutions that embrace quality, leverage partnerships and remain at the forefront of innovation.

We want new generations to feel safe doing what they love – whether that's sailing, flying or exploring – at sea, in the air, or on land.

Because at McMurdo we value life, relationships and promises kept.

We are McMurdo – Trusted for Life.




McMurdo founded


SARBE (Search and Rescue Beacon) introduced as one of the world’s first military beacons


Techno-Sciences, Inc. founded


Techno-Sciences, Inc. introduces first LEOLUT prototype


Kannad Founded


Boatracs founded


Boatracs introduces the first Vessel Management System with messaging used by a major US fishery


McMurdo launches the revolutionary E3 EPIRB – the first to be aimed at the leisure and commercial markets


McMurdo introduces the FastFind 406MHz PLB, one of the first commercial PLBs

November 2005

McMurdo introduces the FastFind, the first Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) for use outside of the commercial market


Orolia Group founded to serve the aerospace, defense and telecommunications markets with high precision electronics devices and systems


Techno-Sciences, Inc. commissions its first Trident system in Southeast Asia which becomes the world’s longest contiguous coastal surveillance system (3,000km)

July 2007

Orolia issues IPO on NYSE Alternext Paris


Techno-Sciences, Inc. introduces TMAC, command and control software package for Maritime Domain Awareness and Vessel Tracking applications

February 2009

McMurdo launches the FastFind 210, the first compact Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

August 2009

Orolia acquires Kannad, a global supplier of maritime, aeronautical and land-based distress positioning beacons

October 2009

Kannad introduces SafeLink, the first GPS-based EPIRB to have an integrated antenna and user-replaceable batteries

November 2009

Orolia acquires McMurdo, a leading manufacturer of marine emergency beacons and electronics

February 2010

McMurdo introduces its first AIS SART

August 2010

Kannad introduces INTEGRA, the first 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) to include an internal GPS and 406MHz antenna

September 2010

Orolia wins the prestigious Creative Boldness Prize "Audace Créatrice"

February 2011

McMurdo launches the world’s first AIS Man Overboard device

April 2011

Techno-Sciences, Inc. introduces the first operational MEOLUT

November 2011

Boatracs introduces BTConnect web-based fleet management software combining mapping and two-way messaging

November 2011

Orolia awarded first place in Deloitte’s “Fast 50 Technology” category and third place in the “Aerospace Fast 5” category

April 2012

Orolia acquires the brand and assets of SARBE, leading provider of military personal distress beacons

May 2012

McMurdo launches the FastFind Ranger PLB

July 2012

Orolia acquires Boatracs, developer of vessel management and tracking software

September 2012

Orolia opens its South America office in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

November 2012

McMurdo adds the SmartFind M5 and M10 AIS transponders to its product portfolio

November 2012

Orolia awarded third place in the Deloitte Technology “Fast 5” category

October 2013

McMurdo Introduced the first AIS Man Overboard (MOB) Alarm Notification System integrating beacons and fleet/vessel monitoring software

November 2013

McMurdo announces contract with Thalos to supply tracking buoys for its tuna fishing operations

January 2014

Introduced McMurdo as the umbrella brand for Boatracs, Kannad, McMurdo, SARBE and Techno-Sciences, Inc. brands

March 2014

McMurdo signs strategic partnership agreement with Transas to jointly develop e-maritime systems that integrate the latest in Maritime Domain Awareness and Search and Rescue functionality

May 2014

McMurdo completes acquisition of Techno-Sciences, Inc.

September 2014

McMurdo wins €13M contract with Australia Maritime Safety Authority and Maritime New Zealand to install MEOSAR system

September 2014

McMurdo opens Americas HQ in Beltsville, MD

January 2015

McMurdo announces Southwest Airlines win for ELTs on 636 Boeing 737s

January 2015

McMurdo wins Argentina MEOSAR contract

February 2015

McMurdo moves to new Americas HQ in Lanham, MD

March 2015

McMurdo launches the Smart Pack bundle, the first aviation bundle with dual GPS and antenna redundancy

April 2015

McMurdo named as official safety beacon of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”

May 2015

McMurdo Experience Center opens – the first showcase for end-to-end search and rescue and maritime domain awareness solutions

Industry Recognition

McMurdo has been recognized for excellence at the corporate, product and technology levels globally. Here is a sample of our industry awards and recognition.


Industry Affiliations

Our vision is to become the world’s leader in emergency readiness and response by integrating technologies into customer-centric solutions, defining standards that drive convergence and influencing the industries in which we operate.

For this vision to become a reality, we are actively involved in a number of industry associations and governing bodies to define and implement industry standards.