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Commercial Airplane Pilot Smiling

“Any pilot needs sound judgment, superior flight skills and the latest technologies to aviate, navigate and communicate. I trust McMurdo’s long history of aviation innovation to ensure the safety of our passengers and crew.”

– Airline Pilot


Today, McMurdo is shaping the future of aviation with a broad, state-of-the art range of ELTs for a variety of aviation markets.  The Kannad Integra ELT, for example, is the most innovative ELT in the aviation industry with a dual-antenna design and embedded GPS to ensure that distress signals and positioning data can be sent independent of the aircraft systems.

Leading aircraft manufacturers (including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Pilatus and others) and major airlines (such as British Airways, China Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and others) trust McMurdo products, technologies and innovations for their aviation-specific search and rescue needs.

For tomorrow, we are working closely with aviation industry standards bodies and aircraft manufacturers to design and develop the next-generation GADSS aviation system – aviation beacon, tracking and communications systems – all with McMurdo technology at its core.

So, fly with confidence knowing that you are backed by the global leader in emergency readiness and response with over 150 years of combined experience.

McMurdo.  Trusted for Life in Aviation.


McMurdo Aviation Solutions

McMurdo’s Kannad Aviation products and technologies are used in a variety of aviation markets including the following.  Please contact your local McMurdo aviation partner or click here to request more information.

Aviation Aircraft on Runway

General Aviation
(Leisure Aircraft, Business Jets)

McMurdo provides ELTs, PLBs and other solutions ideal for general aviation.

  • The McMurdo Kannad Easy, for example, offers aviation enthusiasts a complete solution for their aviation safety needs in only one box. It includes the revolutionary Integra ELT, the external antenna and other accessories which allow for an easy and quick installation.

Commercial Aircraft Flying in the Sky

Commercial Aviation
(Aircraft, Airlines)

McMurdo provides the industry’s most innovative fixed and survival ELTs used by the leading commercial aircraft and airlines.

  • McMurdo’s Kannad Integra ELT, for example, is the world’s only ELT with built-in antenna and GPS redundancy to maximize your chance of rescue. And, McMurdo’s Kannad Survival ELTs are a key part of airlines’ emergency equipment.

Commercial Helicopter Flying Over Snowy Mountains


McMurdo has ELTs designed specifically for helicopter and rotary aircraft.

  • McMurdo Kannad Integra 406 AF-H, for example, is the ELT of choice for several of the leading helicopter manufacturers due to its internal 406MHz antenna and embedded GPS design.