Air Traffic Management Solutions

Keep Our Skies Safer with Aviation Innovation.


In the world of Air Traffic Management (ATM) – with over 6000 planes and nearly 2 million people in the air at any given time – real-time, accurate and reliable positioning, navigation and timing solutions are vital to ATM operations.

McMurdo is working with companies globally to provide Resilient PNT solutions that require robust, fail-safe data to ensure safety in the world’s skies.

Whether for satellite-based GPS simulation or next -generation ATM tracking/monitoring systems integrated with search and rescue enhancements, McMurdo is leading the way as a trusted partner for today’s and tomorrow’s Air Traffic Management solutions.

McMurdo Air Traffic Management Solutions:

  • Data Management/Analytics
  • Fleet Management/Tracking
  • Satellite Communications
  • Search and Rescue Infrastructure
  • PNT Signal Management
    • Interference Detection and Mitigation
    • Cybersecurity