Assured, Resilient PNT Solutions

Providing the Highest Levels of PNT Reliability and Accuracy for Military Operations.


Assured PNT, the military term for McMurdo’s Resilient PNT, is fast becoming a critical requirement for the successful synchronization of military operations and communications globally.

Imagine if a military operation lacked the proper squadron coordinates prior to launching a confidential, secretive reconnaissance mission… or if classified location and positioning data was not synchronized between field operations and command centers.

In the military/defense world, where lives of soldiers, troops and civilians are often at stake, Assured PNT solutions from McMurdo ensure that critical positioning, navigation and timing data is available in real-time and tightly secure so that decisions can be made confidently.

McMurdo Assured PNT Solutions:

  • PNT Signal Management
    • Interference Detection and Mitigation
    • Cybersecurity
  • Geo-PNT Systems
  • Inertial Navigation Systems
  • Time and Frequency Reference Systems
  • Satellite Timing and Location (STL) Signal Technology