Resilient PNT.

At the Core of Mission Critical Applications.

Today’s world is becoming increasingly reliant on real-time, accurate data.

Whether it is a bank that needs to ensure consistent customer account information in a global world, an airline or marine fleet operator that needs to track vessels across the world’s airways and waterways, a military officer that needs the latest squadron coordinates prior to launching a reconnaissance mission, or a search and rescue agency that needs positioning data to pinpoint the exact location of a distant emergency, one thing is clear…

Resilient PNT Multi-Colored Global Network

There is the need globally, and across all industries, for highly accurate positioning, navigation and timing data to improve the reliability, performance and safety of these critical, remote and often high-risk operations. This data – leveraging the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) at its core – must be extremely reliable, tightly secure and highly fault tolerant. To ensure the highest levels of data integrity, the underlying PNT technologies, products and systems must be resilient.

Orolia Group, through its two divisions, McMurdo and Spectracom, provides the resilient PNT building blocks that set the foundation for these mission critical application data requirements.


The European Commission has estimated that 6-7 percent of GDP in Western countries depends on GNSS. The secure provision of PNT data is now a matter of national security as well as a major economic asset.


By integrating GNSS with proven, existing PNT technologies, Orolia has created a comprehensive ecosystem of resilient PNT systems that are trusted by data-dependent customers and partners worldwide.

Throughout our proud, proven history, we have demonstrated our commitment to bringing smart, fail-safe, robust solutions to market by listening to our clients, building on our industry expertise and expanding our technical know-how. And we will continue to stay at the forefront of product, market and technological innovation.

At Orolia, we understand that when it comes to mission critical applications – where the smallest of discrepancies in data accuracy, availability and stability can result in a cash outage, a system crash or, worse, a loss of lives – failure is not an option.

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