Search and Rescue System Technology Partner

The foundation for Emergency Readiness and Response.

“We prepare our customers for emergency situations through training and education. We help emergency personnel respond quickly with identification and surveillance solutions that manage and accelerate the various crisis-response processes.”

PRISMAPlatformIconMcMurdo’s PRISMA (Preparation, Response, Identification, Surveillance, Management, Acceleration) Partner Platform is the foundation for Emergency Readiness and Response – enabling the products, technologies and services from a variety of manufacturers, partners and integrators to work together cohesively and seamlessly – creating the most comprehensive solutions for a variety of vertical industries.


  • Fleet management or air traffic control software enhanced to include search and rescue capabilities
  • Intelligent life jackets, life rafts or flight suits optimized to provide emergency location positioning
  • Artisanal fishery solutions that protect crewmembers, the environment and economic fishing zones
  • Mission aircraft rescue solutions that facilitate and expedite the rescue process
  • Military-grade solutions built with additional security and robustness required for defense, law enforcement or first responders applications
  • Training and simulation solutions that go beyond vessel operations to include mass rescue, man overboard and other life-saving processes

The possibilities are endless. The vision made reality by the McMurdo PRISMA Partner Platform.

Why Partner with McMurdo?

For years, McMurdo has been synonymous with reliable, proven and trustworthy SAR and MDA products, systems and services.

Now, these same technologies and components can be integrated into third-party partner solutions that can be used in other industries beyond maritime and aviation including military, transportation, energy, and construction. Whether beacon or communications componentry, radio or satellite modules, tracking or surveillance software platforms, McMurdo has a solution that leverages its:

  • Industry expertise
  • Detailed product knowledge
  • Engineering design skills
  • Manufacturing competencies

Partners can confidently build solutions for remote or high-risk environments – anywhere around the globe – knowing that they are backed by nearly 150 combined years of industry knowledge, market intelligence and product innovation.