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Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations Agencies have a primary need for responding to SAR incidents effectively. Incident response requires prompt and accurate alert data as well as near real-time awareness of SAR assets needed to coordinate life-saving SAR missions. PRISMA RCC is a collaborative emergency response management platform with integrated incident management, real-time situational awareness and search planning tools that facilitate successful rescue coordination. The PRISMA RCC system provides mission-critical, collaborative incident coordination and asset monitoring, enabling a complete view of SAR operations execution. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at info@mcmurdogroup.com.  

 PRISMA RCC Solution Overview

Integrated Rescue Coordination Solution

PRISMA RCC is a flexible and scalable solution that has been designed to provide efficient response to maritime and aeronautical incidents and accidents, assisting operators in their Search and Rescue (SAR) planning operations.

PRISMA RCC helps SAR operators to:
  • Accurate locate incidents
  • Optimize and manage SAR assets
  • Communicate rapidly and have efficient data exchange
  • Utilize advanced SAR tools including integration of GIS databases, reporting, checklists, resources planning and more
  • Scale a SAR solution to meet today's budget and requirements with flexibility for future expansion
PRISMA RCC is a proven and tested mission-critical system that continues to save lives around the world. For more information download the brochure and the overview presentation or request a demo.

       Press Releases

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CASS) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) selected Orolia, through its McMurdo brand, to provide PRISMA RCC as their command and control platform for SAR incidents. Read the full story here.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) selected Orolia, through it's McMurdo brand, to upgrade its aeronautical Search and Rescue (SAR) program with the latest Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) technology. Read the full story here.

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