Commercial Vessel Safety Grab Bag XL

If it is necessary to abandon the vessel there is often little time to prepare, so it is vital that important equipment is kept in one place ready to take with you at all times. The high visibility McMurdo Grab Bag XL is designed for use on commercial vessels and features an external EPIRB pouch and flare stowage pockets. Its roomy 44 x 30 x22cm capacity is large enough to be able to carry additional important safety equipment - VHF radio, SART, rations, documents etc - while still being able to carry easily and safely onto a lifeboat with its carry handles and shoulder strap. Its splashproof and buoyant design features a heavy duty zip and velcro closure, keeping the contents safe from water damage while awaiting rescue.

Features & Benefits

  • Buoyant
  • Splashproof
  • Heavy Duty zip and velcro closure
  • Carry handles and shoulder strap
  • large capacity - 44cm*22cm*30cm

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