SARSAT Rescue Coordination Center (RCC)


The McMurdo SARSAT Rescue Coordination Center system - RCCNET - is a state-of-the-art distributed system for the distribution and management of SAR data, including SARSAT distress beacon data. Designed for the US Air Force, RCCNET provides networked based access to SAR data and rescue planning and coordination functions.The TSi RCC is build around a 3-D Geographical Information System that allows the display of beacon locations on satellite imagery, topographical maps, etc. supporting rescue planning. It also provides unique tools for the projection of light paths of overdue aircraft and missing persons. Taken together with the distributed network access of RCCNET, these tools represent a major advance in rescue coordination center systems.


  • SAR data management functions
  • Rescue planning and coordination
  • MCC-RCC Communications
  • Data archiving
  • Distributed access to all data and functions

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