Fleet Management

Orolia Maritime’s Fleet Management solutions deliver operational efficiencies in commercial maritime fleet tracking, reports and communications. This solution set includes an always-connected, secure, easy to use McMurdo communications beacon and PRISMA software, together with the McMurdo OmniCom Global fleet management solution that offers global communications, tracking and reporting services.

Maritime companies also trust Orolia Maritime’s solutions to stay connected and safe in hazardous conditions. Whether it’s PRISMA Connect (one of the world’s first web-based fleet management software solutions that combines mapping and two-way messaging), AIS Man Overboard devices (enhancing safety in treacherous waters) or VMS (vessel monitoring system) communications systems, Orolia Maritime can develop standard or customized solutions for fleet management.

The largest commercial maritime companies worldwide trust Orolia Maritime to improve fleet-wide communications, streamline operational efficiencies and increase crew safety.

Highlighted solutions within Fleet Management include: