Navigation Safety

With the growing awareness of the importance of GNSS as a core source of PNT (Position, Navigation & Timing) for commercial vessels critical bridge navigation systems, so too has the knowledge of GNSS vulnerabilities and the subsequent financial and safety impacts of its accidental or intentional loss.

Orolia Maritime’s Navigation Safety solutions protect critical bridge navigation with Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) technology, which enables commercial vessels to fortify and augment their core navigation systems to help prevent errors and malicious attacks.

This Orolia Maritime solution set provides continuous support to commercial maritime missions, even in GPS denied environments. Our Navigational Safety technology can detect anomalies in GPS/GNSS signals and offer alternative secure navigation signals until GPS/GNSS signals have been restored.

Highlighted solutions within Navigational Safety include Broadshield, Anti-Jam Antenna, SecureSync and VersaPNT. Learn more about these and other Orolia Maritime solutions on our Products page.